Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what day is this?!

Have you ever been on vacation and you wonder... what day is this?
You can laugh. This is where I am. How long have I been in Ecuador? Will I EVER get to go home? Yesterday was one of those days that just didnt go as planned. I will spare you the details. Let me tell you just one, it took two days and several banks to get money out of the ATM. ;) and Our angels were watching over us. Thank you for your prayers.

We made it to Graces school late late late. But we had money and could pay the cab. I had a note to hand the office lady to request a "certificate" our lawyer wanted for the airline flight next week. One of the mothers spoke English and we plodded through the note and what was needed. I dont know how much past their usual time they left. :/ I ended up having to excuse myself to the ladies room to have a good sob. They understood the note to say that we werent going to be able to make it for our July 31st flight at least 15 more days. Once I returned to our hosts home and talked with her- my broken Spanish and her broken English we put together two and two. This was just precautionary measures in case we couldnt make our flight to avoid penalties. Well let me tell you. After all the dealings Ive had with Delta I am not holding my breath. This paper could be signed by the president himself and it wouldnt matter to them. Well..... maybe I shouldnt say that. Lets just see what happens.

Our hosts were going to take us to the beach for the weekend and I got an e-mail today saying that Grace had an appt with the Dr for immigrations. So no beach this weekend. I really dont care. I just want to go home.

This has been a good experience. I needed to know what it felt like to be surrounded by strangers. To hear an unfamiliar language day in and out. To crave all that I knew. Grace will have such an adjustment and I need to remember what it feels like. Strange bed, strange foods, strange music. Plus she is terrified of dogs. (we own 3!)

Keep praying. I just dont want to stay here any longer than we have to. I dont want to have to switch our flight date. We need prayers that our papers end up on the tops of the piles and that we can just go home.......

Also, pray for my health. I am trying to get in to see the SIFAT Dr. My asthma and allergies have been a wreck. Add that to the altitude and I just dont move very fast at all these days.

I remain,
Under His wings,

PS. Just want you to know our missions group is here and they brought a whole suitcase of love!Loving packed by our daughter. We spent the day with them on Sunday and look forward to going to visit the Orphanage with them tomorrow. Then I hope to go to the market on Tursday and see them maybe that evening. Eric saw the Dr and was put on an antibiotic. He seems to be having fun and serving with a full heart!


  1. Praying to our Mountain Moving God to MOVE SOME MORE MOUNTAINS!!!!!! Love you all, and praying!!


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