Thursday, July 22, 2010

please keep praying

Okay, aptartment-mate was able to talk to the lawyer tonight and try to make sense of all that is going on. We still have SO MUCH PAPERWORK left to do before we can fly home. Our tickets with Delta are a week from Sunday. The 31st of July. Tomorrow I have to be at the court to complete some paperwork and Monday is the Dr appt for Grace to enter our country and Visa/ passport paperwork. From what I understand there is a waiting period to get permission to leave the country and that falls somewhere in there PLUS our trip to Guayaquil. That is a day trip, fly in the morning or the day before because the embassy is only open from 8-12 on business days. I am trying so hard not to stress about all this. I CANNOT do anything to change the situation.

I trust that God has a plan.
He knows what is best.
Money is not an issue for him and he started a good work and will complete it.
His word is true.
He is faithful.
He has taken good care of Grace up until now and doesnt need our help Thank-you-very-much.
So that is my pep talk for tonight.
I want to share a beautiful post from another family that has a heart for adoption>
I am praying this is our last weekend in Quito and I will enjoy being with our host family and the beautiful things that lie ahead.

I remain,
Under His wings,

PS The picture is of Grace signing the word Papa on Pauls photo.
Grace signed and said the spanish word for cookie after supper tonight!!!!!!
My host didnt have cookies but it was so cute she found fancy crackers and put marmelade on them! SIgning and being so adorable will accomplish MUCH! Ha ha!


  1. PRAYING! It is NOT too hard for God to handle....praying praying praying...and she is so adorable. Can't wait for you to be HOME!

  2. Anna, we're praying too. Our Father is so worthy of our trust...snuggled down under His wings is just the place for you right now. Keep us posted, love Connie


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