Saturday, July 24, 2010

what a busy day!

I met up with our lawyer at the court where we went to finalize the adoption on the 12th. I was to be there at 8am. I sat with Grace and we waited for a man that works in the judges office to stop what he was doing and get our file. The judge happened to walk out of his office and see Grace and I sitting there. He immediately walked over and she threw her arms up in the air for him to pick her up. He stood there for serveral minutes holding her tightly with her arms wrapped around his neck. he thanked me again with tears in his eyes. I know he said kind words to her but I cannot recall what he said. He then walked into the mans office and things started moving. God is so faithful. He hovered over the documents until things were complete and we were on our way. I know he was frustrated by our situation. He shook his head numerous times and told me as we were getting ready to leave that all was well in their office.

From there we went to the Notary again. That process took quite awhile as well. I was pretty concerned while we waited my lawyer had to move her car and it wouldnt start. I thought we were going to have to hire a taxi to get where we needed to be in a timely manner. But she assured me that if she gave it about 15 min wed be on our way. Sure enough while we waited for"F" to go complete the process the car started.

Then a long journey to get the old birth certificate voided and new certificate, an identity card and her Visa/passport. It was a HUGE office with hundreds of people in lines and chairs waitng for their turn. Grace ended up needing to go to the toilet midway through the process, MJB told me where to go and to meet her "over there where the man in the coat is" as she pointed across the room. (Paul can attest that this might not have been the best description. I just cant see well even with my glasses.)Once we compelted her business I went to the table where a man in a jacket sat in the direction she pointed and waited, and waited...... finally I got nervous as I continually had been scanning the crowd and no MJB to be found. I asked a security guard if he spoke any english and then promptly explained what we were there to do and that I wasnt able to find my lawyer. He took me to a desk and as we explained the situation MJB walks up with a frustrated look on her face asking what happened. She gave me no time to try to explain and then pointed to a chair and told me to "SIT!". I felt like a reprimanded 2 year old. Sigh.

I shudder to think that this meeting will happen again on Monday and I have to fly to guayaquil with her sometime very very soon. She speaks no english and IM REALLY trying to learn spanish!

Yes, you read right, we meet again on Monday. We got almost done with the process only to find out that Graces thumbprint was not accepted by the machines for her pasport. The machine shuts down for 24 hours. SInce today was Friday we will return sometime Midmorning or early afternoon to get the thumbprints. I asked her what wewould do if it doesnt accept her fingerprint on Monday but either she didnt want to answer or she didnt have an answer.

I was then brought back into town and dropped off 5 blocks from a major shopping mall to get a bite to eat and hail a taxi. SHe had to hurry in the other direction to get our papers turned into the council before 2pm. I dont know how long it will take for the council to approve us to leave the country.

The day ended up with my host family taking me to a beautiful restaraunt,on the top of a mtn where we could see all of Quito spread out in the night with lights twinking.... warm wine, hot chocolate and hour derves. Many toasts were made... to family.... to Grace.... and a Happy Birthday for me......I had forgotten I had a birthday around the corner!Was a perfect way to end the day esp since my BD isnt for another few days! I think I will have a birthday week again like last year! ;) wink wink! Grace signed more many times for the wonderful food and HOT CHOCOLATE! (Today's new sign was dulces, "candy". Thank God I had a small handfull of skittles left from an emergency early on in our trip. They have been helpful when my blood sugar plummets......)

Thank you for following along and for your prayers!

I remain,

Under His wings,


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