Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday- Sneak Peek

"Instead of seeking control, we can recognize God's handiwork in every moment, at each stage of life, whether it's painful or pleasurable, easy or difficult, frustrating or satisfying. Though we can't view the entire picture yet, we can rest in the assurance that the Lord faithfully loves us and is tenderly working for our good even in the tiniest of details. The sovereign Painter is creating a priceless masterpiece. We can trust Him to complete his object perfectly."

My oldest daughter being an elf on Christmas Eve !

Creating cookies together..... YUM!
everyone needs a break to watch the
Nutcracker music box play.
I made a few simple wreaths.
knit some gifts.....

both my yellow no purl monkey socks are in the mail headed to Germany.
Made watercolor messes.

Got a year old project done and hung at my sons apartment.
Decorating the tree counted as art right?!

Christmas Eve service........
Our church had a "family service" this year-
As the pastor read the Christmas Nativity story.....
The children were to dress up as their favorite characters.
There were Josephs, Marys, angels, a star, shepherds, sheep......
I shed tears...... The adorable Joseph up front in the wheelchair,
the children that were so kind during VBS...... remembering us.
my little angel......
I spent a whole afternoon creating wings.
(my thumb has just healed from the hot glue burns and wire cuts)
(I wish Id remembered to have her take her glasses off for a photo or two- cant wait till this afternoons optical appt and ordering her new contacts! say a little prayer for todays appt. Hoping the prescription is wrong and the reason she keeps digging her thumb in her eye, she didnt do it when wearing the contacts with the old prescription in them)

Son was able to play the Christmas Holiday.
see the glitter........

sorry this one is blurry........ she saw the camera.( frown.)
We traveled to N Ga to spend time with family,
Fried two turkeys - one for Christmas and the other for New Years.
Made HUGE messes..... But we had fun and enjoyed being together.

Join me with the other ladies to see whats going on in their studio-
Linking up with Studio RJU.

Under His wings,


  1. I love the dragonflies and branches (the I believe in love one)! :) Your daughter is so cute in her angel outfit! Adorable! :)

  2. These are beautiful pictures my friend. I am just loving seeing the magic in G's eyes. the wonder and excitement. Of the season. Of life. And through those eyes, we all can be the beauty that otherwise we would have missed!

    Hope you are well. Sending love from California.

  3. So many wonderful photos! Li'l G is so precious. LOVE your dragonfly piece and the way you used the color gradation with the plastic wrap on top! Would love to see that one up close! Missed you during the limited computer time, but glad to catch up now!

  4. Oh how wonderful... looks like you had an amazing Christmas! Full of family and love and art. Yes... I think decorating the tree is art. :) Love the pretty glittered wings!!

  5. How talented you are!!! I am drooling with envy ;-) Loved seeing your holiday photos and how meaningful it was for you all. What a special and wonderful family you have!

  6. Love all the photos...especially those sweet little angel ones :)

  7. The picture with the bird and the trees are just magnificent! And our friends have that same Nutcracker display and my girl never tires of watching it play over and over again.

  8. She's such a beautiful angel! Looks you made lots of handmade goodness for the holidays. Love the 2 little love birds. And yes, putting up the tree definitely counts as art. :)

  9. I totally agree that decorating the tree is art! And all the other art you got accomplished is phenomenal!

    Blessings on your 2012,

  10. Nice socks. The first pair of socks I ever knit was a pair of no purl monkeys. Now I have knit 42 pairs, though I only have kept 10 of them. Thanks for dropping by Hammer & Thread


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