Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FYI- Were being audited

Yeah, so Ive been trying to play with little one and focus on my family and real life,
let the blogging take a little bit of a back seat.PLUS Helping my sons fiance plan their wedding.( I love planning events and decorating!) Pinterest has made things easier than planning my daughters wedding several years ago was. But it still takes time.
Husband brought in the mail and the easy peasy process we had with our taxes and the Adoption tax credit, check in the mail..... (when it took other families months and months of anguish)
Weve been audited.
I kept impeccable records.
But still, it causes my stomach to churn.
I have everything in a manilla envelope,
and a Spreadsheet I did on Word.
It should be all good.
Its all grace.......


  1. oh for pities sake.. ahh well it will be okay.
    what a bugger though.
    Cheering for you.

  2. Well....that's about discouraging :( To have made it through the gauntlet this past year....and they come back and bite you later? Glad you were a good record keeper!!!


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