Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I am sharing about another adoption.
I will start off by sharing with you that I dont know this family personally,
BUT they are friends of my photographer... you know the one I posted about a few weeks ago
that took those great pics of our adopted little Angel.
RK shared with me about the family's raffle/ Fundraiser and I promised I would share with you
Does a vacation in Orlando sound good????

My bloggy friends,
I know that we are being pulled in so many different directions financially,
So Consider this with prayer,
and if its not possible for you,
maybe you might be able to say no to dinner out this weekend?
Or a cuppa coffee at *bucks?
......and just leave a little donation in their chip in?
I can tell you that little bits do add up.
God can and will move mountains for the orphan,
to see them in a family-
Ive seen it with my own two eyes!

Under His wings,

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