Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yarn along

Oh I am so excited to be able to join in on Yarn Along with Ginny again this week.
I started my stained glass shawl a little over a week ago
with some beautiful yarn I bought at the Pensacola Art Festival in the Fall.

I am knitting with a strand of some black shiny filament I purchased
for my mother of the bride shrug I knit for "D" a year ago.

I didnt want glitter but a little sparkle.
On the shawl I am knitting,
I knit the stockinette triangle
then added the filament when I started the lacework.
I am modifying this pattern because I dislike triangle shawls.
I feel like they are an arrow pointing to... well.....
you get the picture.
I may also change the lace to make the stained glass windows larger.
This is the row to decide if I am going to stick with the pattern..... or not.

I am knitting this shawl for myself -
it has been a great comfort
the yarn is so perfect
the wood and fiber working together in harmony
Im also working on reading three books at once!
Two I am reading through as books to review
and the third is from our "Health and Wellness" class at church.
One review book is "What a son needs from his Dad" by Michael O'Donnell Phd
Two ended up being by the same author Steve Arterburn:
I mentioned in a post the other day that I think God has a sense of humor
maybe he thought I really needed to learn a few things-
enough to read it twice.
I sure hope to get the review books read,
and reviewed soon.
This is the third week Ive missed my Tuesday morning Bible study.
I am hoping that next week will look different.

For those of you reading along today.
Wanting to see/hear what Lil G has been up to.
Shes been a hoot!
She is signing and putting 3-4 words together,
Using her voice a lot. I never thought the day would arrive
when I would have to tell her to not talk while she is eating.
She is developing her own sense of style.
Here we are getting ready to go eat at one of our favorite restaurants
"The oval office"
She is like a princess there,
the owners and waitresses dote on her-
we are thankful she allows us to tag along

these photos crack me up
she LOVES scarves.
I think this morning she figured if one was good-
several was even better.
(especially while still wearing pajamas!)

Today we are going to get her new glasses.
I will admit Im pretty nervous about it.
Its been a challenge. I just want my daughter to be able to see.
I want her to be able to experience life to the fullest.
This time we are trying bifocals.
She has not been seeing a pediatric opthamologist-
instead we have her seeing our optometrist.
She is willing to try helping Lil G.
We spent two days in their office,
Nervous to go pick the glasses up-
yet I know that we wont know if it will work
unless we try
and keep trying.
I dont know what this means for the future-
Will she be able to wear contacts?
I keep knowing that God loves her more than I do
he took care of her and provided for her when I wasnt able to.........
He has a plan for her future.

Under His wings,


  1. What beautiful yarn and your daughter is GORGEOUS!! I'd love to meet-up with you and your girl for a knitting playdate sometime.

  2. How cool that she is talking so much!!!!


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