Thursday, January 26, 2012

New glasses!

Lil G enjoying big sister and Clemantine.

If you looked at lil G you might not be able to tell that she has new glasses.
(the frames were warrantied- so same/new frame and new lenses)
But, it took hard effort on our optometrists part to get to this place.
They called us Thursday to let us know her glasses were ready.
I am so so happy with them.
They put the extra thin lenses in them so she looks so different!
It will make things more tolerable until we can figure out what we are doing with contacts.
I am so glad I met up with the photographer in December,
I really love seeing her whole face without the glasses.
She does have bifocals now
we spent a little time with some books I brought to the office.
I picked out a few that we dont read often so that we could ask her questions
the tech could watch her to see if the line on the bifocals was in the right place.
The Tech was incredible and really made the adoptive mamma feel good.
She couldnt believe the progress weve made-
Lil G was signing up a storm and cooperated when she felt like it! ha ha!
She kept watching Lil G then looking at me for an interpretation.
Awesome feeling!!!

We made a purchase the first last week and I have to tell you,
If you have a little one that loves music and Sesame Street we
got the DVD called "Singing with the stars" with Elmo.( I will say we only pd $7 at T*rget)
She enjoyed it so much I went back and bought "Music Magic" with Elmo too.
The Music Magic one has been on our DVR for several months- its one of her favorite episodes.
They took Abbys flying fairy school and a few other blips they do out- happily.
(Ive mentioned before that she flying fairy school. If Im not paying attention she will bring me the remote to fast forward through it!"Here Mom, you need this."LOVE IT!)
Weve both got the cold/virus going through the house and community.
So having a few new DVDs really were a God-send.
Its been fun to have something else playing instead of signing time.

Today we were up and out the door early,
Lil G had an ENT appt.
We thought she was going to have ear wax removed.
Papa camer for moral(muscle) supprt.
Thankfully our Drs trick using Hydrogen peroxide worked.
(DO NOT put peroxide in your childs ear if they have Tubes- "It will be QUITE uncomfortable and she will let you know." said the Dr. She has a tube in the left ear so I was diligent every night to repeat Right is right. Left is wrong.)
ANyhoo, using the peroxide- a syringe with 1cc at a time, let it sit in there and bubble or whatever. Drain and repeat a few times. We did this each night before bed for a week or lil more.
If your little one has tiny ear canals like ours you might want to ask your Dr about this trick.
It saved us from a possibly painful procedure today.
She DID however,
climb up into the Drs arms and hug and love him up.
He laughed and snuggled....
my heart even smiles to remember
"I love you Lil G" coming from his mouth.
I told him, "Looks like youve been graced today."


  1. We were told about the peroxide too. I just forget about it so my girls (Asians are known to have lots of wax) just live with wax :)

    Love, love, love the homepage photo :) It is so sweet. Love it!!

  2. I love your story, Anna! He was graced today :)


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