Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finding purpose

Each of us is created for a Purpose.
Read Psalms 139.
I am a knitter and I love the thought that he uses this term, Knit together, to describe how we are formed in our mothers womb. Many things I knit are for a specific person I have in mind, and a specific purpose. I would not try to use a scarf to carry my belongings in instead of a purse?! What a crazy thought. I am not going to go the trouble of picking just the right yarn, textures, colors and gague the pattern calls for and knit up a scarf for someone that WILL NOT WEAR IT! It takes way too much time to be cast aside and not treasured. God, our heavenly father, our CREATOR. Made us, knit us together- with talents, abilities, personalities that enable us to serve a specific purpose.

It took me a LONG time to figure this out. But its this realization that fuels me to pursue a specific dream and vision. Just because we have been "called" to a certain path it does not mean that it will be easy. Why do I get it in my mind that because I KNOW this is what I am supposed to do, my husband is 101% in agreement that we think that all will be easy. Ha ha! (I have to pause and laugh at myself.)

God's word even tells us that it wont be easy.
He tells us there WILL be trials. So just get in your head.
Be forewarned.
Its gonna happen.
SO, if we know that it will be happen we need to be prepared. We need to have the foundation laid so that we can say, "Yes I knew this was going to happen. But just know its not going to shake me. Its not going to change what I know to be True. I will not doubt God. I will not doubt the calling in my life. He said it. He keeps confirming. THE END."

Okay, so back to where I started. And where Ive been for a week or so........

We are to adopt. I dont know how many. I dont know the details. But we are supposed to be doing this. Does it look like what I thought it would a year later? Absolutely not! But God knew. He has a plan. I dont know how we ended up here but He (God) goes before me. He loves me. He loves Paul. He loves "little G"........

There is passion in purpose. Find your purpose dear friend. When the going gets tough hang in there. This isnt just a little whim. I may be an artist, a knitter, but I was created to love and nurture others! Ah the sweet freedom!!!!!

If you havent already.
Take some time.
Set some goals.
Pray about what you love to do........ what you find fulfilling.
Is that calling hidden somewhere in there?
If you know what it is,
take some time to restore your strength.
Time to recommit to running the race he has set before you.
And Let us encourage one another.
In the New Testament they gathered together DAILY!

As I look at the picture of a sweet little face, with long ponytails...... as I long to hold those sweet little chubby hands. I have to pause and remember.This isnt about JUST bringing "little G" home. Its not just about the adoption. I forget at times and see that as my goal, my prize at the end of the journey.
But God is interested in the process.
The preparation for eternity!

Under His Wings,

PS And if you think about it, say a prayer or two for our little ones in Ecuador. Their orphanage is like many other organizations that depend on donations to provide for the little ones. We wont discuss the economy but they are struggling as a result. And also pray that the Childrens Council in Ecuador will look favorably on our case, our adoption agency, whatever it is that is holding up the wheels of progress....... Thank you in advance.


  1. What an amazing post Anna.Truly amazing.I have often heard the why me why us,from people and you know,I get that to some extent.Well,I use to.and now it's "why NOT me.Why NOT us".There was no promise of ease but there was a promise that we would not be abandoned.Even and most especially during the darkest of days.If we are set to only see the destination then we will surely miss the beauty and the lessons along the way.

    You are meant for this journey and this journey was meant for you.You shoulder it beautifully and your faith and your words continue to inspire us to persevere.

    Prayers to you and beautiful G and her country continue.

  2. Oh, Anna, thank you. This is truly what I needed to hear. Thank you for spelling out what we all need to do. God has asked big things of me this year, and I need to do the "next thing"...which is follow your list.

    Continuing to pray for you and little G. What God continues to do in you through this is inspiring.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Absolutely! AMEN! I always forget how well Satan knows me, he knows just where and how to strike!

    Focus! God knows me so much better!


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