Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing to say

So Ive been checking e-mail three times a day.
No news.
Supposedly the Council met Wednesday of last week.
They are Just KILLING me?!
Ha ha ha!
Yes I know Im being a drama queen......
But its the end of Tuesday and well......
How long does it take to make sure an agency knows they passed and now have Hague Accreditation renewed..........
Thursday is usually the day they do assignments over there.
So if it went through last week Our agency dir was hoping that we could be assigned day after tomorrow.
Im so upset that we once again have been given hope.
I just want a yes or no.
And I told you I was letting go?!
This isnt how you let go?
Spending all day reading e-mails
reading everyone elses blogs and leaving kind comments.
Encouraging them because, what does a prayer warrior do?!
Encourage and pray for others right?
Well I have art lesson plans to get together to teach in the DJJ.
I said I would do a painting for the auction for the Ecuador Missions group.
And someone ordered a purse.
ALL DUE.......

All I can say is:
Please be patient with me. Im expectant... I know you can only use that excuse for so long...... well I guess I must be expecting an elephant because ..... Im still waiting. And Im still emotional.
And well, God aint finished with me yet.

Under His wings,
;) wink wink


  1. Just sent you an email.Oh Anna... so frustrated for you.All this is normal and human and necessary emotions to go through.Got to do it.Not healthy otherwise.Which reminds me.I forgot to mention something in my email.Off to pen off another to you ...

  2. And I, for one, appreciate your kind comments and prayers! Not sure why, but I got goosebumps when I read the part about expecting.

  3. Hey Anna~
    I'm glad you never give up hope--it just proves what a wonderful person you are. I read your comment today on my blog and REALLY hope you will be able to host a Haitian child. It would keep your mind busy and occupied while you wait! Plus, you have soooo much to give! Hang in there; I love your heart.

  4. Just wanted to say "I'm praying for you today"...praying for peace, praying for answers for you... Hang in there, my friend. :) God bless your day. :)

  5. I wish I had a good answer or a cure, but short of holding your baby in your arms not much else will help! I keep telling myself... "a year from now this will all be behind me...." But truthfully it only helps a little bit. I want my babies home!

    Thank you for your support! Thank you for keeping it real. And thank you for continuing to fight for these little ones!


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