Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Mother

Just returned from a whirlwind trip to Ga to visit my mother. It was her birthday on Friday past and I asked P last weekend if we could work it out. It took him a few days to clear his calendar but he did it! We left early Friday morning and celebrated her birthday . I will be kind and not tell you how old she is. ;)

There is something about a mother.
My mother is beautiful, both inside and out.
She has been married to my father since she was 17 years old. I wasnt born until she was between 19 and 20.
My mother is an artist and I can remember sitting under her arm for hours while she painted.
She has a studio in her basement and Mom teaches at the park and rec. twice a week.
When I go visit we share about the paintings we are working on and the ideas we have for future paintings or what she is going to do with her class. Her medium of choice is oil and I prefer watercolor.

This visit was much needed on my side.

My mother has been wonderful through the adoption process. Some people wonder why we would take this on at our age. Our children almost grown. But I see things through different eyes. I see it as a perfect time! My mother must have done something when we were young girls. My other two sisters are wanting to adopt as well but they are in different places in their lives than we are and their husbands arent ready yet. And they may never be. I appreciate my mothers quiet support and for her listening to the latest news. I know she struggles with watching us hurt and watching us being willing to take on this adventure.

P made a 3-milk cake courtesy of Alton Brown. It was delish! I know it wasnt good for the blood sugar. Sorry Mom and Dad. We went to dinner in Cumming Ga on Saturday evening to celebrate their group completing their Disciple one bible study. God was so good to send a snow flurry while we were there. P , E and I - true Floridians rushed out and soaked it in. It was so beautiful I almost wept. The flakes were huge and blew into our faces. And just for a minute, or two or three...... I forgot about that huge ache in my heart.

The next morning we woke up to ice in the trees sparkling like diamonds. Spectacular. We went to church and worshiped. I love joining them. Their church family has been so kind. They treat us like family. We sang acapella and thankfully I didnt cry this time.

Lets just say that many tears were shed as we pulled out of the driveway yesterday morning.
Thanks P and God..... I needed the little getaway.

I am not sure how to update you on our adoption.
There is going to be some action to see if maybe the govt council will figure out a way to process our adoption without our agencys accreditation. Yes, you read right. She did not get accreditation in Ecuador. I dont want to give too many details because, well...... Im not sure I can. We are praying for grace. Spelled with a little and a big G. ;) Dear friends, if by chance this works out it can truely without a shadow of doubt could be considered a miracle.

Under His wings,

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  1. I believe in miracles. Thanks for your post Anna...I'm glad you got to enjoy some time with your mother...a time which sounded like the perfect gift from our Father above. Entrusting you to the One who gives us sufficient grace for everything He calls us to.


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