Thursday, February 4, 2010


My last blog notes were about my trip this past weekend to my mother and fathers house. Once again God has met me where I am. He literally nourished my spirit. If I try to describe the feeling of the Spirit just flowing down like a balm over my tired and weary heart and spirit I know that words just wouldnt give it justice. I just cannot help you to understand if you havent experienced this before.

I know in my heart that in just under 4 very busy weeks this will be over.....
or a miracle will have happened.
Such anticipation after all of the emotional roller coaster of the past 17 months.
This is what is going on in me each day.

My son and a few friends decided to go to this concert with Todd Agnew, Pocket full of rocks and Meredith Andrews. I have heard of these people but they werent groups that I HAD to go hear if you know what I mean. I last min. called a friend on the way to the Dr with E and asked her if she wanted to join us. So it all came together "just so".

We went.

So many nuggets of Truth.
Beautiful voices.
A vounerable openness seemed to prevail.
No pride or pomp and circumstance.
Just a wholesome worship time.

I was touched my the message Todd Agnew gave.
He spoke about the story of David and Goliath at church camp.
Going back into the real world after camp ready to slay "his giant "......
a stone in his pocket with a sin.......
or just a letter to represent this sin
(if you happened to be too embarassed to write out the whole thing)......
written in sharpie
in his pocket.
That Giant
putting the stone
in the slingshot
and killing
the Giant...... temporarily.

The Giant came back to life..... how did that happen?!
He(Tom, or you, or I)
was supposed to be the main character of the story
wasnt he?????
Then he talked about learning that the story was really to help him see the plight of the Isrealites. They needed someone to come in and fight the battle for them. They couldnt do it without this warrior stepping in.

My friend and I looked at each other..... the light had come on!


Remember the beautiful story of Ruth and Boaz.
How it all .... all of it...... points to the Character of our Lord God. The Bible helps us learn of Him, His character. So in times like these we can remember the stories of how He steps in and fights the battle for us! His character revelaed in the stories so we can know He can and Will meet us right where we are at!!!!

Todd sang with such a raw and true voice that I couldnt keep that wall up.
I had to let it down and expose my heart.
It was safe with Him.
That deep raw place that needed the balm of Gilead to wash over it.

As he sang Isiah 6 I just wept. To sing such beautiful words and praise Him because of who HE IS. He is getting my praise because HE IS. I just wanted to ask everyone else to just go home and let me be alone while the song was sang over and over.
Just us and God........ He is.......

Is there something going on in your life that you need someone to step in and fight the battle for you?

When I studied in my Bible and commentary today I was so delighted to read about Ruth and Boaz again. Matthew Henry wrote on Ruth 3 vs 9: " Thou art He that has a right to redeem a family and an estate from perishing, and therefore let this ruin be under thy hand and spread thy skirt over me- be pleased to espouse me and my cause." Thus must we by faith apply ourselves to Jesus as our Kinsman, that is able to redeem us, Come under His wings , as we are invited(Mt 23:37) and beg of him to spread his skirt over us.
"Lord Jesus take me into thy convenant and under thy care,
I am oppressed,
undertake it for me.

Under His wings,

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