Friday, February 12, 2010

SNOW?! Pt. 2

Well...... you Northerners will get such a kick out of us!
The weatherman did promise snow.
We actually have no govt offices open and schools are closed for "snow day"!
I know I am just laughing so hard about it all.
Its barely cold enough.
I am sad for all the little kids (and those of us that are still kids at heart) that have watched the news. Heard the details and were told no school because it will be snowing ..... theyve been told this ALL WEEK. Its within driving distance so we are going to head out in an hour or so.(if it doesnt look like it will make it here) Its snowing in Brewton ,Al which is just a bout 20-30 min North. They are of course telling people not to get on the roads unless we have to. I think husband feels like this is a "have to" situation. I just heard on the news that it is snowing in Mobile, Al. So maybe here in the next hour that part of the front will pass through since we are parallel. That is what they said this far south. Around noon-ish. Our temps just havent stayed as low as theyd hoped. Such a fine line.... the air temps in the upper atmosphere and down closer to Terra Firma........

I will return later today with pictures to post. Maybe not of Florida snow but Alabama Snow.........

Not sure if house guests are coming. They were going to have to drive through Mobile to get here. That is disappointing. We will see if the ground and roads are cold enough for ice. Maybe once this passes they can get over tomorrow. The twins are off school until Wednesday and we have been looking forward to having them.


  1. I was talking to folks in our florida office today and they said they might have alot of people out because of the weather - to which I replied "you have got to be kidding me"....

  2. Thank you for your comment! Where are you? You can e-mail me or facebook. Really funny when the south gets snow- he he he. Being from IA originally....makes me giggle!


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