Friday, February 26, 2010

Girls day out! ( and adoption praise)

After hopeful news on the adoption front yesterday.
Starting a new round of antibiotics and yes, having to start the Steriod pack I am feeling much more like myself today!
I was glad that I was feeling better when my friend asked if 9:30 this morning would work for our tour here. My daughter is almost complete with her Elementary Education and Special Education Degree studies. This is her last semester, one class this summer and then student teaching next semester to graduate in the Fall! My first homeschooled student graduating from college in less than a year! The thrill I feel to type this.

I am not sure if little G will be able to attend this school. Its in our neighboring county and when I spoke with the principal last year she said no other students attend from other counties and if we chose this we would have to get special permission. I homeschooled our three bio children. I loved being a homeschool mother. But I also want whats best for little G. If I cant offer her that at home I will find the best place we can find for her education.

I know this deserves a post of its own but I am in a hurry and just have to let you know our good news. Its not what weve been waiting on but its hopefull. Its the best thing weve heard since last Fall. Thank you and please keep praying for mercy.

This is copied in a note in response to the letter sent out to the 3 governing bodies in Ecuador last week on our little ones behalf.

"With reference to your letter of February 16th, 2010, we are making inquiries regarding this matter - yet again - with the _________ (name omitted to protect privacy), as there is now a new person assigned to the __________who can make definitive decisions regarding this case. As you know, last year we consulted with the ________and unfortunately we did not get any response about this case specifically."

She goes on to say: "Just as it bothers you, it also bothers us greatly, and we are hoping that a decision can be made in this child's case in the next few days. If this can happen, we will do out part to facilitate all the paperwork that pertains to our office."

Praising God in the midst of it all! He deserves our praise no matter what!

Under His wings,


  1. So glad to hear you've had good news...and some movement.


  2. Oh, tears, Anna! I only have a minute, but had to check for an update. Praying, praying, praying, here!

  3. Sounds like a lot of hope to me!!! PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Praying here too...watching for your updates with hopefulness because of the God we serve!


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