Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its the Last Thursday of the month!

If youve been following my adoption story you will know that the Ecuador Assignment committee meets on the last Thursday of the month.

SO I am in a prayerful mode today.
It is neat that our church is having prayer times on Thursdays during Lent. I am hoping that I am well enough to get out in the cold this evening and join my church family. I know it is personal prayer time but I love my Church home.
I wasnt able to go teach in the DJJ camp this week because of this Asthma/ cold. Ive been to the Dr twice with it and Im hoping the perscriptions we had filled yesterday will do the trick to get me well. I was relieved that she gave me permission to just stay home yesterday. I am just not myself and the weather has snapped cold again. I did go out and pick a few daffodils that were budding so I could enjoy them inside and not have them get damaged by the cold.
I did contact an agency another blogger mentioned about sponsoring children from Haiti. That door was closed for us. Even tho we are paperwork ready we knew if things moved forward with our adoption it would be difficult.( we would have to work out arrangements for this child while we were out of country for 6-8 weeks etc) But we arent God....... so we checked into it. I was so thankful for the conversation that I had with the director. It was confirmation. He said what we thought. The added bonus was when He also told me."Dont quit advocating for G. Act as if you gave birth to her. She is your child. She needs someone to advocate for her like a mother would." I hung up so encouraged. To have Him confirm what we thought about this situation and know that door was closed just reminded me that I would KNOW that God had closed this door with G. And to add such sweet sentiment was a HUGE bonus! As we are out and about we need to be reminded that sometimes things arent what they appear. Even tho we knew our gut feelings about this situation we still filled out the application and asked. I am not God. But I feel like I was rewarded by once again being WILLING. By once again just putting myself out there to see what God wanted. I was so blessed! This man was so very very busy yet he took the time to really encourage me and feel the pain weve gone through. He was willing to stop, put aside HIS agenda and seek Gods agenda. You just never know why God has you in a certain place. Be still. Be quiet and willing to just say yes. I am finding that there are blessings in store where we least expect it! Be encouraged as you run the race dear friends!!!

I will let you know if Plan A works out or if our adoption will have to move to Plan B. I am thankful for a plan B mind you.......

Under His wings,


  1. We are praying hard for you today. You have more people praying than you will ever even know. Our bible group is also praying. You deserve to have your little one home soon!! Leah Beasley

  2. Praying like mad for you, today!

  3. Praying.....understand the Plan A & B too.....we are in the same kind of boat. Not knowing sometimes is sooo hard. PRAYING!!!


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