Monday, March 1, 2010


March..... I just cant believe the first of March is here! Ive been catching myself walking around humming "spring is coming..... spring is coming." Now if you havent heard this sweet song, not to worry, Im going to skip over to my music player and hunt it up.

If youve followed my blog. You will remember we got a grant from Show Hope- Stephen Curtis Chapman. This CD was sent to us as a sweet surprise a few months ago..... you know..... one of those "God hugs". The CD is very gripping. What has come out of the grief has so many beautiful layers that you will have to hear to know what I mean. The CD ends with this song and I just keep humming it.

On the way out the door for husbands surgery.... chick a dees singing in the dogwood tree. My heart smiled. I love birds. The bluebirds have been busy and yesterday as DH and I sat in our swing and enjoyed the afternoon two mocking birds landed in the tree next to us. God is surrounding us with the hope of Easter! The joy of a new season and new beginnings! After such a long cold winter we can shake off the gray- skied blanket and put away the sweaters and heavy coats..... I know I am getting ahead of myself. We will remain in the 30's in the eves this week and I know my parents have possibilities of snow tomorrow........ But it feels good to have hope and think of digging up the front garden and adding some color.( I really let the weeds get out of hand.) sigh......

Surgery went well and we are praying he is without hearing in that ear for only a few weeks. (Since hearing wasnt completely restored in the right ear- He was quite apprehensive about starting this one.) BUT the Cholesteotoma had to be removed. We get it out in the nick of time. The Dr said he could see through his "head bone" it had eroded away so much. Thankfully not all the way through!We need that healthy brain. Thank you very much! We had been praying that the bones in the ear would be fine. That was the big problem in the first ear, getting prosthetic bones in "just so" is not easy at all. We now have to consider hearing aid for that ear. They put packing in the ear to keep things from moving around with noise..... it will dissolve. I am hoping in 2-3 weeks but they give longer time frame. DH usually beats their time frame. Lets hope so this time...... as long as its Gods timing! ;)

We received the most interesting and exciting e-mail from our adoption agency. I cant wait to share how things are moving and changing. What might be Gods way of working things out in our adoption. DH had discussed backing out if things didnt move before the end of the month and boy oh boy the month ended with surprises! I knew God COULD but didnt know if he WOULD! I didnt want "me" to get in the way....... I am just so relieved and shocked! If I was to say"In like a Lion...... out like a lamb." What might that look like in our adoption journey? I am just thankful that I have rested "in Him" and have been enjoying such a sweet peace. Its so much easier this way! Dont you agree?????

Under His wings,


  1. Anna, you know I love you, but you are a TEASE! :) Praying for mountains to move!

  2. So glad that you got some good news. Can't wait to hear more. Praying for you!


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