Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy birthday!

Today I am celebrating a life.

A man that I love so very much.

He has been my "experimental child". You think I jest?!

Not so..... I had never really been around boys.

Never loved a boy before.

" N" and I have learned so much together!

He turns twenty today.

I have tears in my eyes, well now rolling down my face as I think back over the past 20 years and nine months........

The day you entered this world you rocked mine......

God had his hand all over you that day and I am so thankful that He continues.

"Gift from God" we chose that name and had no idea how true it would be.

It could have been so different.

"N", what a blessing to be called your mother.

We are so much alike you and I.

You keep me on my toes and on my knees.

I feel like I have failed you in so many ways.

I pray that in spite of my human-ness that you find yourself.

The "you" God created you to be.

Not the "you" you think others want you to be,

not the "you" I want you to be

or your father

or any girlfriend.

Find the "you" deep within that is whispering your name and go for it!

Put on those running shoes my son and Run The Race set before you!

I know you can!

I believe in you!

You are beautiful (can I say that or do i have to say handsome?) both inside and out.

Dont settle for anthing other than what You know is right.

Its all between you and God.... just the two of you and no one else!


  1. It is amazing to experience life through a boy's eyes--I babysat for a single mom for a while and really learned so much that has also informed me for raising a girl.

    Hug him hard!

  2. You have a 20 year old? Wow, you look so young. :)

    Beautiful post.

  3. I love this post! Happy birthday indeed!


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