Saturday, March 20, 2010

"It feels like a child at Christmas!"

We feel like death warmed over today......
All I can tell you is I heard my husband say this as he fell asleep finally at 1:30am.
"I feel like a little boy at Christmas."
"I feel like a big boy the day of a Powerlifitng meet."
I replied, " That was honey to my heart to hear."
He asked ,"why?"
Then I said," Because sometimes I think this was all about you making me happy. You just got tired of me crying because I wanted to have little people in our home again."
Then he said, " Oh, but I love little people too....."
Sigh, can it get any better than that?
We are a team united........
This was about more than just having little people in our home again.
They grow up.
We know that.
But you know how satan gets in your head and whispers untruth.......

Then I was up at 4:30 head spinning mind whilrling. (when the benadryl wore off)
Laid there until 5:45 and got up and took another benadryl and something for my freaked out tummy- it does this when I dont get rest. sigh......

But, after that grief,
This is GOOD,
So very very good.
It was incredible to hear from our adoption agency as I am driving,
Then walking up the sidewalk at church for a meeting.
I took one look at the door and as God would have it one of my friends that has been here for me FOREVER it seems was standing there greeting and handing out nametags. I started sobbing and the church started unloading with people coming out to cry, hug, and praise God together.
Women I have fallen in love with because of this journey.
Women that have been there in the truest way......
And our pastor.
Our shepherd.
And his beautiful wife.
Just beyond words.
Grace is so loved!
We are loved!
This is so BIG!

Now Its nine am and I am so surprised the phone hasnt been ringing off the hook.

This is what I had this in my e-mail from last night.
(Paul was the one to send out a note to my "adoption update list")

"Jaci Buenas noticias, el CNNA resolvio favorable para que Grace pueda ser adoptada por los Wallis. Mandare por fax la semana proxima entre jueves o viernes la carta de asignacion del Comite de Asignacion saludosMJB "

Next week will start with calling immigrations!

Under His wings,


  1. STILL SOOO EXCITED, and sooo happy for you, and an end in sight, and you will finally be able to hold her in your arms sooonnnnn!!!!!!!!!! Makes my heart sing :)

  2. Here I sit, with happy tears in my eyes, and rejoicing in my heart...what a sheer joy to awaken to such news as this!

  3. I saw a comment you left somewhere and I came over to say hi. I love this post. I have to read more so I can better understand but I am ALL for little people being loved. I can tell you are an enthusiastic lover of children. Beautiful! : )


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