Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mountians are moving!!!!!

I am hesitant.......
because we have once been down this road, well we were told back in Spetember " the council will meet tomorrow and they are going to sign off on your adoption."

with that said.

Our lawyer in Ecuador sent a message yesterday to our adoption agency "Good news reguarding the case of_________. Details to follow in an e-mail from______".
Husband said not to celebrate or talk to others about this, and well, he is right to not sound the alarm just yet. But my dear friends and prayer warriors! The mountians are moving. On Monday we were told that one of the people on the council that was giving us grief was let go from her position due to incompetence. That just blew me away. I just want you to know that we have been praying for those in power over these adoptions and we are not rejoicing that she was let go necessarily. We are just thankful that she cannot be a hindrance any longer!

We know that the council "grandfathering our case" into our adoption agencies old accreditation does happen but we were told that process ended last year. NO MORE grandfathering cases in. So we knew that we really are praying for a miracle. In the meantime our agency has met with another agency working on getting Ecuador Hague accreditation to see if they could take over our case.(the only agency accredited in the US said we would have to start from scratch and theyd be happy to give us a $500 discount on their $30K fees!) I have been so thankful that our adoption agency has been so willing to go the extra mile and fight for us. I know of others that were not given this attention. They were just told there was nothing anyone could do and left hanging. I feel guilt about this.

But this is about "little G"
I will not stop advocating on her behalf!
Please continue to praise God with us as he moves these mountians!

I am reminded of these verses:
Exodus 22:22-23
Psalm 72:12
Proverbs 21:13

still praying for a miracle!
Under His wings,


  1. This Prayer Warrior is PRAYING!!!!! I know hope is hard when it has been dashed, but I AM PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Praying for mountains to be moved...trusting God's arm is not too short if it is His will to move them! Keep resting under His wings as you advocate for little G...the Lord will lead the way.

  3. wishing you all the best with the adoption process. Thanks for your comment on my blog.


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