Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Knitting.... and focus

Im not sure if you have been wondering what was up around our household.
Heres a post just in case you are! ha ha!
I spent a few days last week taking back things I had given God...... we know what Im talking about here dont we????? On the phone making calls, researching options. Paul came home and said "Stop. Just give it back to God and let it be. I just need some time to let things work out one way or another before we have to decide what the next step is."

So He told me to start a knitting project.
And I did.
Ive gotten 6.5 inches knit on a sweater for N for his 20th birthday. Im tiring of it already because its a knit 2 purl 2 ribbed sweater. After cables and interesting shapes for purses..... well Im getting bored. I did remember that I can knit and ride my recumbant bike at the same time. So I can burn more calories while knitting. ... double tasking......Now that I am trying to focus. Thats a good thing.

I have had my focus on G and the adoption mess too long and havent taken as good care of myself as I should. Diabetes runs in my family and I know it. Therefore I should be proactive in making sure I get exercise and eat right. Should is the word.

So in case youre wondering,
Im eating right,
riding my recumbant bike,
taking thoughts captive
Giving G back to God

Under His wings,

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  1. Anna,

    I just read your comment on my blog and wanted you to know that my heart is hurting for you. I am praying that God's peace will flood your hearts and that He WILL give you the desires of your heart (He promised - He's gotta!)....

    I love thatyou knit and ride your bike - WOW! Inspiration to me!

    I will continue to pray...

    Hugs from Snowy Colorado! xo


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