Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr Seuss week

Lil G received a package in the mail yesterday,
Someone special had been thinking of us,
And decided to send some Braille books Her son had outgrown
I am so thankful God placed three families in our lives
That had children that were blind.
Before we adopted Lil G.

One of the books was a Dr Seuss book.
I have to admit I was sad that we didn't have any of his books
In Braille when literacy / Dr Seuss week approached.
Being the kind of girl that doesn't keep close tabs on her calendar
Once I realized it, it was too late to order a few.
I think that is one thing that makes me sad about our new adventure
I can't just go to a big box store a grab a few books.
I have a thing for books, can't seem to get enough.

T@rget had some on sale awhile back and you don't know
how hard it was to control the shopping cart as it veered in that direction!
There are a few companies that produce books in Braille
I'm thinking about earmarking some $$ each month
Towards purchasing a few at a time.
Lil G can see well enough to see the pictures in the books we have
I'm not sure how well. Bright colors help.
(And the new high strength bifocal in her glasses has helped)
The thing we have to remember is that using her vision is tiring.
The nystagmus and strabismus must be very frustrating,
Nystagmus is the eyes vibrating involuntarily. This is due to her brain not interpreting vision.
We are hoping the new prescription will help with the strabismus, the eyes being crossed.
Surgery might be in the future for that once again. She already has increased like hood of glaucoma so if its only going to be for cosmetic reasons her father and I have discussed not having it done. That is up for discussion at our follow up appointment.

Grace reading her Dr Seuss book,
Feeling the bumps.

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