Monday, March 25, 2013


I was reading a blog post today and had an, "Aha!" Moment.
You know, lightbulb going off.
Slapping your forehead thinking, "duh
I read over at, "the blessing of verity"
Mama is posting of all the progress that is being made at their house.
Beautiful post through the eyes if Katie.

Here is what was said,
"Oh yes, here’s more progress. My family has noticed that I’m getting pickier about food. Do you know what that means? Only prosperous people have the luxury of being picky about food. My pickiness is saying loud and clear that I am feeling all the way secure that there is plenty of food, more food than I need, all the time, and I don’t have to worry about being hungry any more. So Mom is happy that I’m picky!"

We have had so many battles over food since lil Gs bout with seizures last June,
I had forgotten that she is an," Orphan no more!".
She no longer needs to fill emotional holes with food.
She can decide she simply doesn't like what is being served,
There will be another meal, or healthy snack later.
(I'm not saying she ever went without, the children were well fed at her Orphanage)
She can also choose not to eat, simply because she isn't hungry.
Thank you Adaye for the reminder.

Lil G enjoying cooking food for breakfast.
And eating her supper.


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