Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yarn along- to honor and trust

Today Im linking up with Ginny @ Small things.
I enjoy reading and knitting so Wednesday's are a perfect combination for me.

I will start with a book review.
"To honor and trust" by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller
I was so happy to be chosen to review this book. I have already read the first book in the series so I was looking forward to reading this continuation of the Bridal Veil Island series. As I read the story I realized that none of the characters would be the same. This has its pros and cons, I suppose another reader might enjoy the fact that they could read this book as a stand alone, or could be disappointed that it wasn't a continuation of the series. I wanted to enjoy this book but the plot was so shallow that I found myself reading it in hopes of finding the good part. From the beginning of the story nothing was left to the imagination so I felt bored knowing that I had already figured out who the antagonist was and how the story would play out.
The redeeming qualities of this novel were the relationship with the main character Callie and her employers, and the children she was hired to teach. I loved the descriptions of the setting, bridal veil island and many times could imagine the beautiful shore and wildlife. If you are looking for a book that reads easy, for a trip to the beach or poolside this would be a perfect choice. But if you are like me and enjoy a book with a deep plot and that keeps you guessing you might want to skip this one.
Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for the review copy of this book. The opinion shared here is completely my own.

Next I will say that my pleat neck Tunic for Lil G is coming along nicely. The pattern was written by Debbie Bliss and is in the Spring/summer 2010 magazine. The pattern was written for a child up to a 3T which is what I started knitting it in. Being a smarty pants I decided to rip it out a few weeks ago, this is being knit in a size 3 needle so it does take time, I was about 3/4 done when I ripped out but felt like if I wasn't happy it wouldn't be worn as often as if I was pleased with the outcome. Who wants to spend money on fine yarn and the time to knit it up on size 3 needles and not be happy?! Not me! I have knit it in the round and added stitches to the cast on to allow for size, Lil G wears a 6x now. I've also added several inches to the length so she might be able to wear it for ore than one season! I think I should be able to separate the front and back stitches today and possibly share photos of Lil G wearing it next week! ( if you check out the photo in the magazine you will see the model wearing adorable cotton eyelet pants with it. Yes, I have purchased a pattern and eyelet with the decorative edging to make the pants! So adorable!)

I am still reading the book on Orientation and mobility by Joseph Cutter. This book is a must have for any family that has a child that has visual impairments/ blindness. I am. Reading it slowly, processing the information and emotions that come along with understanding what has been a mystery.

Have a beautiful week!
I remain Under His wings,


  1. Hi Anne, I am so happy to 'meet' you.
    It is nice to hear I am not the only one who will rip apart her knitting if she's just not feeling it. I agree with you totally and hope you are now feeling the love for your tunic. I can't wait to see if finished, that is beautiful yarn.

  2. Oh, what a journey you are on. God bless you and Lil G. Thanks for sharing your blog...

  3. I understand ripping back when you aren't absolutely happy with something. It's painful (especially when the knitting uses size 3 needles) but I'm sure you'll be happier when things work out how you planned. Way to stick with your instincts even when things are hard.


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