Friday, March 29, 2013

A little creative break- what's going on in my studio

Joining up today over at Studio JRU.
its been too long ladies, thanks for not writing me off the list!

My mother and sister were in town last week.
Mom went shopping and bought Lil G two adorable outfits.
I'm not sure if its the same where you live,
But here in the South we love some big hair bows on our girls.
When I shop at Gymb@ree I like to splurge with a matching hair bow.
Since these outfits were purchased elsewhere I had to come up with a plan.
Off to a few crafty stores to purchase ribbon, hair clips and hunt up my glue gun.
Why is it that I never seem to put the hot glue gun away with the glue sticks?
I mean really.......
I used this tutorial
(I apologize that my blogger app doesn't make pretty links.
If someone knows how to make this IPad app work let me know) :

And got busy.


  1. Oh My Goodness! You're an amazing artist! I read your blog post but then I was nosing around the rest of your blog and I found your artwork and I was floored!

    Well hello Anna! Nice to meet you! I'm new to the Studio JRU Friday Sneak Peak adventure : )

  2. My daughter hates hair bows...but that one looks adorable on your little girl.


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