Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall projects

Well I have projects on my list. Dont we all. Our Fall weather was a little crazy. Stayed warm and humid so the painting projects kept waiting for it to cool off and have a sunny day. Then it snapped cool, or should I say cold. For this Florida girl there is a fine line between cooling off and getting cold! I am waiting for it to warm up a bit so Eric and I can work on aplying the primer to the cabinet doors. I started this project this summer. I bought the handles and Im ready to just get it done and marked off my list. It will be a dramatic change - I think I will really like it once its done. Maybe today I will have a few drawers complete so Eric can drill the holes and put the beautiful handles on them. Maybe once its done DH will want to save the money to get the new countertops and farmhouse sink Im drooling over. Im also planning on touching up some baseboards and doors while I have the white enamel paint out. Dogs and boys......
The next project is sewing drapes. I have the rods- on clearance at Target. I made the Valences last summer. So all I have left to do before I can start sewing is purchase the lining. I guess since I live in Florida the drapes have to be lined. Oh well. I know I need to just do it right. It seems pretty straight forward so I am hoping to "just do it". that is my main problem. I have ideas and projects but I have a hard time starting and completing a task. As I mature (no getting older here!) I am getting better in this area of weakness. Im hoping when the in-laws get here in a few weeks they will have surprises waiting on them.

No adoption news. Thats all I have to say about that. God knows how my heart aches and He continues to be my strength and my shield. I will rest in Him. Under His wings. I am so very thankful to have met Nanny. She is the daughter of the family we will stay with in Ecuador. They work for SIFAT and our church has joined them over five years in a row doing missions trips each summer. They are like family to our church. I have only met them in passing but my oldest son got to go to Ecuador a few summers ago. She was such an encouragement last night and prayed with me and held me while I sobbed. They are excited to be a part of our adventure and have been praying for us and "little G". I cant wait to meet the WHOLE family. (she showed me pictures of her brothers and their families) What an exciting time to look forward to.

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