Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hold my heart- Happy Birthday "little G "

The song "Hold my heart" by Tenth Avenue North has really been the top on my list of favorites lately. I dont know how to do links or any of that fancy stuff......

"One tear in the driving rain.
Once voice in a sea of pain.
Could the maker of the stars,
hear the sound of my breaking heart?
One life is all I am,
right now I can barely stand.
If you really are who you say you are could you come close and hold my heart?"

The reason I love it so much is that I know. I know The only way I am not sobbing by eyes out is that God has been so close. Really and truely it wasnt Him that needed to move, but it was me. I need to take the walls down and take the time to really tell Him every little detail. I used to really be the person that held onto those little things or not go to Him with the details that I felt didnt matter to him. " I wont keep Him tied up on something so trivial."

He has done such a HUGE thing on "little G"s behalf. I know that He loves my sweet "little G".
Today is her fourth birthday and so far I havent shed a tear. I praise God that He has taken such wonderful care of her. I know that her Orphanage loves her and that she has been blessed. I dont know if she knows or understands that she has a family yet. But I know. She has a sweet little bed, in a sweet little room. A mother a father and two.... really three big brothers. Just anxiously waiting to shower her with Love........

Happy Birthday Little G!

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  1. Tavi and little G are just days apart!

    I love that song. Yes, God is holding their hearts and ours.

    Praying we can bring all these precious ones home ASAP!


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