Saturday, November 7, 2009


You may choose to look the other way
but you can never say again that you did not know.
- Nelson Mandela

I just want to say we have the most wonderful officer at the immigrations office trying to get our case signed off on. I called her yesterday and found out that the letter we got in the mail was mailed out before they talked to the Consular at the Embassy. SO its null and void. We will get a letter to rescind it. No big deal. I knew we had to get the letter from Ecuador. We are in the same place. She is ready to just get it passed through as soon as we get the letter. I have her fax number and an e-mail address to get it to her quickly.

I called my adoption agency director to discuss it. She was sad. Two steps forward one step back.

We have a real deadline to get the paperwork turned in to the immigrations office without having to do more paperwork. December 17th.

We talked about how we would work things now that the Holidays are around the corner and the process taking 6-8 weeks once we fly to Ecuador. Baby steps. No word if there was a meeting last week. I had really thought since it was coming from someone new that it would be the truth. That we really would get word that it was done.

I still feel optimistic but almost in a detached way.
I just dont know if I can think that we will celebrate her birthday with her on the 24th.
It will be interesting to see how this all comes together.

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  1. Anna, I keep praying for you & your whole family. I pray for your spirits to be lifted and for God to continue to be the God of Miracles. His timing is perfect and His love is perfect. He knows all you need to go thru to bring your beautiful daughter home. Hugs from MILES away...


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