Sunday, November 1, 2009

Food & family

So Im not much of a Chef but I have really enjoyed watching food network lately. Our favorite of course is Alton Brown. Tonight we made the 40 clove chicken recipe. So easy but start cooking it so that you arent starving to death as you smell the chicken and 40 cloves of garlic roasting in the oven! Divine. I also made mock mashed potatoes. Boil the cauliflower, drain , add cream cheese and butter and puree. Then we added salt and pepper. Thanks Food Network. Easy and yummy dinner. I tend to use all my creative energy in other places instead of the kitchen.

If you are checking in for Adoption update. We havent heard from the Council yet. We were told 2 weeks ago that it would be signed off on last week. I am praying with all thats in me that it was signed off on but due to it being in another country, same time zone which is fun to help us remember when to pray.

We did hear from our immigrations officer four times this week. This moves me when I think of someone in a govt office working so hard for us to bring "little G" home. They will approve it once Ecuador signs off on it. She said this was only the second adoption to come her way from ecuador so she is learning the ropes. They talked to the Consular at the Embassy and it sounded like they talked like it was going to be signed off on as a matter of fact.

We also heard from the family that we had planned to stay with in Ecuador. Seems like that isnt working out, but I trust God to know whats best. I was concerned about the money issues to stay at the guesthouse and today a dear friend at church said that they had donated to our fund this morning. (God just sold their house and they will be moving in 2 weeks!) I told my husband I felt like God was saying,"just let me take care of it. Its going to be okay." I will miss that friend terribly, but I am so thankful that God has allowed a miracle in their life so she can be closer to her family.

Huge praises- I have been asked to submit a bid on a mural for our church's nursery and I got a grant to teach art classes in the DJJ system! Not knowing how God will work out the timing.....

I keep praying we can celebrate "Little G's" 4th birthday with her. Its the 24th of Nov. That is my desire.

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