Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Immigration approval!

Just wanted you to know that I just got off the phone with our immigration officer. She said we had waited long enough and she was going to give us the approval so that the paperwork could be sent for article 5 approval then off to the Embassy in Ecuador! this was after I explained that "little G's" case was proposed to our agency since she is considered hard to place. So we were matched here in the US not in Ecuador. For a typical adoption the paperwork is sent and Ecuador matches you with a child. So we dont have a document from Ecuador matching us with "little G". Our officer said if it looked like we needed supporting documents they would let us know. So that paperwork will be moving while we wait on the council to meet again. Weve been told this week. Usually the council meets on Wed. or Thur.
Im going to unpack and repack her suitcase. Its usually good therapy for me.......


  1. I'm such an adoption dummy. This is good news, right? I hope so. My heart just broke for you when I read your last post. Continuing to pray for you and sweet G.

    Btw, my church thing was postponed because of vomiting children (mine, of course).

  2. We'll be praying for this week.Sending you love as you await bringing Miss "G".

  3. I hope there is good news coming--and QUICK!

    I imagine it's difficult to be patient through all this--all the ups and downs. I know you're keeping your eyes on the prize--she'll be home, yes she will!


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