Monday, October 5, 2009

You are preaching your own Eulogy each day of your life!

So yesterday was such a busy day that I wasnt able to post. Not near a computer..... but living life......loving life! So in the 31 for 21 count.... this counts as Sundays post. I will post this eve for today.
We went to church. What a moving experience. This was the second Sunday in our new sanctuary. It is such a beautiful place to gather to worship. It was communion Sunday and I loved praying with my husband at the beautiful altars. I am finding a deep need to be in this place and with these people. My heart aches..... and they have been "family" for so long. Just being there makes me feel like Im at home. This quote, title for Sunday, is from our pastors sermon. It may be paraphrased. My brain has a way of doing that.......
We came home to change clothes and drive to Mississippi to see my sister and her family. What a great day! The drive was horrible. My husband is an awesome driver. Its everyone else that really pushes me over the edge. Pouring rain....... was hard on this nervous person. But we made it there in one piece and she had food ready for lunch at 2pm! They have lived in Japan for too many years....... we enjoyed the fried rice and corn soup. Then Pizza for dinner! She had boxes of things to bring home for "little G ". Today in between schooling and guitar lessons I will sort and store things. I am moved by her generosity.... their willingness to share with a little girl they have never met.......... My sister has always been the most generous person Ive ever been around. She is teaching the girls those same traits. My heart was full when they brought out a little Japanese backpack with pages of stickers in it for "Little G". It was all I could do to not cry. I cant wait for them to come and stay the weekend in "little G"s room. it is quite a bit smaller than they are used to. But I have beds ready and waiting.

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