Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31 for 21- How much fun!

Okay, Im going to have to set a timer and allot a certain amount of time Im allowed to read other blogs. Ive been enjoying reading the stories and seeing beautiful little families loving each other and loving life. This has been a treat and I thank everyone for a glimpse of your reality.
I hope you stop by and leave a post......

Today and yesterday were filled with Home schooling, guitar lessons, sewing little felt dolls- see previous post, cooking and laundry, organizing "little G's " room.( yes again.) My sister just moved and sent the most wonderful outgrown toys, books, TV shelf..... if only we could knock a wall out and add onto the room! ha ha! If only I had a little girl sleeping in there......

Hopefully soon.


  1. Just catching up on your last posts.Where to start ... I guess the post about your heart aching and being weary.That spoke to my heart as I could almost feel your pain through your words but as I read the next couple of post I felt the renewed hope and excitement as yo are nearing the time to bring your "little G" home.I am so excited fro you and proud of you for your faithfulness in His plan and His timing.I love the dolls.those are so darling and I just know the children will love them!I am so glad you are participating in "31for 21" and I think you sell yourself short when you say your not good at their blog thing.i think you do a wonderful job.Keep it up.Keep sharing.And I thank you fro sharing so honestly and openly as you continue journeying forward to bringing your daughter home.

    As for the stares.You know,I am able to distinguish the looks of love and the "other"kinds and I know I would most certainly see in your face that genuine gaze of affection and those,those,I just LOVE to receive!Prayers continue as the day and time draws near ...

  2. I just had to comment. I completely agree with your timer idea! This month especially with all the 31 for T21 posts. I can't keep up! :) So looking forward to when you have your LO home!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Good luck with the Get It Down challenge, but more importantly, good luck bringing home your daughter! I will pray for your last "trimester" to go smoothly.

  4. Tara, you and me both! (well DH and rest of family too!!!)


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