Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Day of rest

Today I am enjoying a day of rest.
I havent had anything to write lately.
How can I blog about Down Syndrome when My little one is so far away?
I have heard good news about our wait but I just cannot really think about it. We have been told so many things so many times in the past year and I really want someone to blame. But I think this is the place in my life that I am learning that really it doesnt matter, God is in control. He has a plan. NO matter what happens it is my choice to keep trusting Him and that no one on this earth has the power to change His plans for me our our sweet "little G". I have gotten pictures of her this week and last week. Some were from the orphanage- her dressed for school in her uniform and wearing her glasses. So very cute. The others were sent to me from a family in Sweden that adopted one of her friends. They are holding hands across the table.(so now we have others praying in Sweden!) God continues to send hugs to us this way and I trust that He wants Grace to have a family.
I am praying we can be in Ecuador for her birthday? Maybe? November 24th she will turn 4 years old.

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