Friday, October 9, 2009

"Little G"

So, since our little one isnt home let me tell you a little bit that I know about her.I love the "thoughts" of her so much. Yet dont "know her" as a person.

Through a chain of events we ended up here. Adoption. Then choosing to adopt a child with "special-ness" Its just what we were meant to do. We chose a child from Ecuador since going through our system wasnt an option. (our church is very involved in Ecuador and many have learned Spanish as a result) There wasnt a little girl on Reeces Rainbow.... so I asked around. And we found HER. You know.... "The one" I know she looks nothing like us. But sometimes when I look at one of the pics I have of her it makes me think of the pics of me at that age. Glasses and ponytails. And DH does have dark hair. We arent supposed to share pics of our little ones and many dont share names. She isnt "ours" yet. But a little painting of a picture will do wont it?????
"Little G" was born in a hospital on Nov 24th 2005. Her mother checked out of the hospital but didnt take her home with her. I am thankful that she knew that she couldnt do this and left our little one in a safe place. At 5 days old she went to the Orphanage. I actually got an e-mail from the family that picked her up at the hospital and named her. What a treasure. Her name is beautiful!!!!! (Im sure your first guess will be it!)

She was born with cataracts which were removed around one year of age. They tried contacts but she kept getting eye infections. She has worn glasses to replace the lenses and we hope that we can make progress with that here in the states. One thing that is hard for us is that the Orphanage doesnt keep her glasses on her. They cant afford to replace them. I am not sure how they decide when. But since Christmas, when she started walking, we rarely get pics with them on her. :( You know, she is blind without them...... sigh

Her medicals also show a heart murmur that they are watching and letting close on its own. She started walking at 39 mos because of her Lax hips. When our Adoption Director visited in Aug she said that "little G" was always moving and very busy. I also heard form an adoptive mother that "little G" wanders around with her arms outstretched wanting to be picked up and loves to be held. Sounds perfect doesnt it?

"little G" isnt speaking yet but can point to body parts when asked and a few other things. (of course she is asked these things in Spanish!) Which we are trying to learn. My daughter and I know sign language and we are hoping that we can start ASAP to facilitate communication. I also want to make a comunication board and possibly a book to take to Ecuador with us so maybe she can point at a pic for me to know what she wants/ needs. It shall be fun.
She gets to go to a special preschool 3 days a week and they say she has "blossomed" since starting.
I have learned alot through this journey and just hope and pray we can get her home very soon....anthat she will love her Dora bedroom and her new family.


  1. Prayer for your sweetie to come home to your family's loving hearts soon!
    Bless you!

  2. She sounds wonderful!!! Of course she will love her new family and what little princess wouldn't be thrilled with that cute Dora room?! Just makes me well up thinking about her. Priceless!


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