Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Just wanted to let you all know that today was a beautiful, busy, and fun day.
Got up and helped Eric home school.
Went to my first "art class" in over five years. The teacher was great. She just let me do my own thing and seemed to appreciate what I was working on even though it wasnt her style. I liked her and think it will stay on my schedule to get me out of the house and doing something that God has gifted me to do.......
I went to UWF for a conference on disabilites and it ended up being over... .they said it went until 3pm but at 2:15 everyone was packing up. I did catch up with one person and ended up with three pamphlets for three different services. Not too shabby since I missed it!!! ha ha! So I may make few phone calls tomorrow.
Had a friend on my mind as I was headed to the mall to see if I could find things for "E" for homecoming. Come to find out she was at the same mall so we hooked up! Was way amazing. We then went to TJ Max to hunt some more and then Starbucks. Had a great catch up time and I felt so blessed.
Then my mother called to see how we were doing. I didnt have the heart to tell her church was starting soon and sat outside and enjoyed hearing her voice. Theres nothing like a mother is there?!
Went in for Worship with our FAB youth group. I was so blessed as several of my Peeps asked how I was..... I could tell they really meant it. So I let myself go a bit and cry out some tears that were tired of being held in. I think they understood. I really am okay. I really trust God to know whats best for "little G" and for us. He has made sure she is loved, and in the best orphanage possible. I am just so sad at missing out on her 3rd year...... it really breaks my heart that she has a perfectly good family waiting for her....... I hear the orphanages are having to turn little ones away since they have been so backlogged. I pray this is a rumor and not the case. Our lawyer went to the New council director and took the the old director along. Hen eloquently spoke of the need to get the adoptions moving. I pray he hit a sensitive spot. We have a 45 day deadline for our immigration paperwork.......... sigh.

It was a great day.
Filled with my sisters in Chist and love......
BTW.... did I tell you DH bought me Pansies on Tuesday????
Now what guy just brings home three trays of pansies "just because?" He kills me........

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