Tuesday, November 2, 2010

letting go......

Ive mentioned that we are helping son move out today.
My heart is so heavy.
I KNOW its time.
I want him to spread his wings.
The head knowledge just isnt helping my heart right now.
I have found comfort with him coming and going from here.
now that room is so empty.....

He has always been the one that has had to teach me how to mother a boy/man.
I grew up with girls and each stage he went through was a new learning experience for me.
I know he is only going to be a short drive from our house.
But I also know that this wont be home for him
This is a natural process........

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. NOT looking forward to those days....but I know we will....but not for a while :)

  2. i'll be praying for you, dear friend. i've been pondering this -- letting go makes room either for something else (ministry, more faith, etc.) perhaps you are on the cusp of something new... in the meantime, i'll ask God to help heal your heart...


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