Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Most recent read, "Amy Inspired"

A review, "Amy Inspired" written by Bethany Pierce
How many of us had goals and dreams in childhood
that seemed to get lost in the shuffle?
One day
stops you
dead in your tracks
and leaves you to wonder,
"How did I get here?"
Where has all the time gone????
I thought by (insert age here) Id have it all figured out.

The dream of becoming an artist
now lodged between
being a wife,
Where does the dream fit?

I enjoyed reading Amy's story.

She gave up her career to go back to school and do what she delighted in... only the dream and the reality didnt match. (I can completely comprehend!)Amy was also figuring out where her faith fit in the reality. What does being a christian, follower of Christ, require of me in these situations.

Amy, waiting for "Mr right" while her brother announces his plans of getting married- To struggle
for things that on the outside
look like they come easily in others lives ...
her brother finding
and a career
that has prestige at the end of the path instead of waking up mid-class wondering how she got there.... and add her friend's published works.
Isnt that whow we all feel?
Watching others' lives taking on this air of perfection while we make lists that taunt us
make us feel more worthy????

I found my own life connecing with Amy's on so many levels even though they are drastically different.
At the core,
when all the other stuff is stripped away
we are all on the same path
in one stage
or another.
I loved how Amy's mother would get quotes and -isms confused. Where words are a part of who Amy IS, and her work.... they almost seem foriegn to her own mother. Dont we all have that someone in our life that cant comprehend what we are trying to say?(adopt a child when yours are practically gorwn? A child with special needs?) They cant understand our dream? The one that cant love us in the way we need to be loved????
The words on the pages were like music ringing true in my ears,
flowing from one page to the next effortlessly.
How long has it been that I ve read a book where the characters and their lives rang so true?
Not just words on a page blending together to make a story...
But real thoughts and feelings,
like they were wearing skin.
You know, the good the bad and the ugly of life? She included drug usage,physical abuse and the havoc it wreaks on a family. Amy, taking a pledge to remain sexually pure and how that fit into reality for a now almost 30 year old woman....
Amy learned to stay true to her values in situations that many of us might have failed. I believe, to be considered a christian novel..... this is a huge step. Not painting perfect characters with maybe a trial or two but nothing deep and real. Amy didnt have to go around quoting scripture on every page to be a Christian. In her "acting out" of her faith she too was changed.
I have found this to be true in my own lfe.
Sometimes its not just about the end result,
its the process.
All those rejected manuscripts
leading to a place of inspiration......
it wasnt all about her.....
(and maybe its not about me....)

I hope you enjoy reading my review.
(you can also read reviews or purchase the book on Amazon.)
I also hope you dont mind wandering along the rabbit trails in my head and heart as I meander along the way......

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Very nice review, Anna. There was so much to like about the book. I'm with you - awesome book!


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