Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As promised.... birthday photos

I mentioned little G had a birthday when I went missing from blogland.
November 24th she turned 5 years old.

Incredible cake made by her big sister.

It was beautiful.
Lots of family.
not too many gifts.....

Just the way I like it.
God had it orchestrated so that my whole family was there.
just right.
These are all the pictures I took. I cant wait to see the ones taken by my sisters with their new cameras.

I know this one is HORRIBLY blurry. But I just had to try to get a picture of her sleeping after such a BIG day. Without a flash...... I just cant hold still for the camera to gather enough light without a tripod.


  1. Happy 5th little girl!!!

    Love the new blog photo! Hope you are feeling better this week. God bless, Jennifer


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