Monday, November 1, 2010

What a fun weekend- three days posts in one!

I enjoyed family time this weekend.
I am working on helping my son getting ready to move.
Its a hard topic for me.
I am choosing to be happy for him. I know he needs to be a man...

I went shopping with his girlfriend on Friday evening. We went to one of my favorite restaurants for a bite to eat. Little G knows what it means when we go there. Its one of the few places she has been. Ive never been bombarded like we were that night. I almost couldnt eat because of the nervous energy. I know that they didnt mean to overwhelm me. But I am so new to this. Since weve been home cocooning I am just not out and about with little G much. (It seems whenever I am out with her someone smiles or has something nice to say to us.)But I really do forget that many people take one look at her and see "Down Syndrome". I forget. Shes just ittle G to me..... The family saw right off that she had Down Syndrome and we barely got our order placed. Mostly it was the mother oohing and aahing over her. She loved Gs pink glasses and wanted to know where we purchased them. So I took them off G to get the name of the company for them.... while was trying to order and pay.... really... She said their little one wouldnt keep hers on. her daughter looked about 4 months old but quite possibly was older. The mother had crouched down with me to look at G's glasses and actually went to pick her up!!!! My heart starts beating out of my chest just typing it out.I wonder how she wouldve felt if I wouldve just scooped her little one out of her husbands arms? I know she wasnt thinking since G was WANTING this stranger to pick her up and hold her. Geesh. Come on little G..... cant I take you anywhere???? I firmly told the woman ,"NO, no no. Please dont pick her up. Shes just been adopted and is not supposed to be held by anyone other than family." Then as we went to the table to eat a kind older man approached girlfriend and asked if G had down Syndrome. Yup. He thought so, he has a grandson with Down Syndrome that is nine. He commented on how much more energy she has.( well she was out. She doesnt get out much! ha ha!) Let me just tell you I am giving more consideration for a T-shirt that reads:
I am doing fine with friends.
But complete strangers, no matter how nice they might be?
Not there.... and quite possibly may never be.
So if you are her.
I know you didnt mean to overwhelm me.
But you did.
Dont be offended.... I have been through alot to have this beautiful little one in my life.
Next time ask first.
And be ready for me to say no......
(girl friend wondered what the woman wouldve done if I wouldve tried scooping her ltle one out of husbands arms. Without asking. Or husband for that matter..... Girlfriend also asked if things like that happened all the time with G around.I sure hope not)

We had a laid back Saturday. I was able to buy some luan plywood and get it stained for a piece of artwork for sons apt. I cleaned two end tables. Garage sale finds. Bought the black paint to re-do them. I cant wait to show you some photos of what I am doing for son. I really think once I get done the apt will have a touch of style. Saturday was a great day since I got some artsy time in. P and I watched Benjamin Button after G went to bed. Not sure how I felt about it. I loved the narration and the underlying message of the movie. Just being the melancholy sort..... it left my heart heavy.

Church on Sunday.
I mentioned G's new shoes a few posts ago...... And the fact that I sewed like a crazy woman to get a costume for G. I am glad that after 20-something years of mothering I know how to cut my losses and just walk away. The dress to go with the shoes was turning out HUGE. I guess typical non- Ecuadorian little size 3T people are bigger than G. Next year. I left it undone and will probably be sewing like a crazy woman next year to get it done just in the nick of time. ;) wink wink. Well back to where I was before I started down this rabbit trail......
She has cute red glittery shoes that she just LOVES.
So I pulled out what was probably a Christmas hand-me -down dress.....
of course it was red.
And she was just angelic.
I kept looking at her with tears while she signed her way though church......
I cant believe she is mine.
What a gift.

I have a few things on my mind......
asking the pastor about a Sunday for dedicating her,
either Thanksgiving weekend since she will turn 5 and all our family will be here for the holiday. Or in December when my grandfather celebrates his birthday and we have our traditional family get together.
Im just so timid.
Ive also been wanting to ask the music minister about the songs for each Sunday so that G can learn them in advance?
Maybe just one at a time or something?
I know a word here and there.....
she is trying so hard to sing.
It is sweeter than sweet.
Do you remember your babes learning to pray and sing?
We always said youngest son E would be a preacher because of the long sweet prayers he would pray over meals...... memories.

After Church G had nap time and I painted on my project.
I felt like an artist....
I forget that I can do it.
I forget about my love to create.

Then we loaded up for G's version of trick or treat. We went to visit two older people. A 87 year old woman named Grace that had prayed for our family during our adoption. We had never met her before but felt it was time she met little G.

Then over to my grandfathers house.
She remembered Popee.
It was sweet.
They played and played together.
He said at least four times that he was glad we had come...

Made me sad that I havent visited more.
G's schedule makes it hard..... But I will try.
Another thing he said numerous times," I thnk she likes me."
Of course Popee.
Everyone loves you.
He told me that he had finally found his great great grand fathers grave.(I think I have the right number of greats in there.)
I am so glad that he has gotten the joy of finding it.
Its unkempt and we are hoping that we can get permission to clean it up and have access to it even tho its on private property.
A civil war soldier that found with George Washington.....
Im sure there are alot of families that can say that.
Many families that are even descendants of the same man.
My Grandfather knows now where he is buried thanks to someone thats part of the local historical society.
I wonder how many other graves are hidden, unkempt.
People who fought for our country.....
Its only about an hour and a half from where my parents live.
I cant wait to go see for myself.

Well this is the end of 31 for 21.....
I hope that there is something I have shared along the way that helps carve out some sort of understanding about Down Syndrome. Even if its just the fact that our family isnt so different...... just another family lovin each other and growing our faith together..... we are more alike than different.

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend!

    Hope you have forgiven yourself for the solution mix up .... so could have happened to any of us.


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