Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girl time..... I am not perfect.

Have plans to have some girl time this afternoon while G is napping. Had a horrible morning and have decided to give my friend a heads up but proceed with the plans. Friend wants to learn to set up a blog and needs knitting assistance..... Two things I can do. Hubby is headed home to check up on us after a meeting at work in town.
All is well..... thankfully.

G got to learn firsthand that I am not perfect.
I make mistakes.
Putting the wrong contact solution in her case.
A bad thing......
Causing extreme pain.
Eyes flushed out numerous times.
Much crying (both mother and daughter)
and signing "hurt, hurt, hurt".....
I am crying just sharing it with you.
Not to worry.
I will be more careful.
It will NEVER happen again.

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Have fun with girl time :)

    Hate it when I make mistakes....but it happens.

  2. i don't even want to think of all the times i've accidently caused pain for my children -- there's just not words that describe how it hurt my heart. the only beauty (and good perhaps) in this type of thing is that our children still need us to hold them (and cry with them too) through the pain and, yes, they do see that we are not perfect. i'm sure our Daddy had both of you wrapped in his loving, healing arms!

    just think... g says hurt -- she can communicate when she hurts -- another first!

    thanks for being so dear... God is so good!


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