Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

I had a good venting session and feel much better.
Husband was good to "hear me out" and give his thoughts on it all.
First fact is, I had a headache all night before last and yesterday was a little off as a result.
Then add PMS into the mix,
and a toddler.
We used to comment that she was like a three year old.
Then reality hit with a BANG and ..... well.... lets just say 18 mos.
(in the beginning that is.)
We are getting closer and closer to two....
but its tiring having a little one in the mix.
Add the perfectionist parent syndrome in there.....
well its a nice cocktail but make sure to gulp it down because it doesnt tase too good. (more time on my kness needed thats for sure.....)

So what was so annoying and frustrating, causing the need for a vent session, you ask?
Well lets start it off by saying little G was ready to start her day well before I was, and there was no coffee in the house.(remember the headache. It was because I only had one scoop of coffee for the day before instead of two and I didnt have any gumption to get out and buy more.) So I ask dear son to run to local coffee shop- owners attend our church and even though the chain star$$$ is right around the corner.... I believe in supporting small businesses when at all possible. (steps off soapbox)He gladly does my bidding when I add "you can stop and get breakfast too if youd like." ;) Anyone know how to say bribery???

She starts right in during breakfast begging to watch signing time, Together. Over and over. together. Signing time. Together. Together. I get her dressed teeth brushed, you name it. Al the while telling her "No, no signing time. Lets play toys. She of course wants to play with all the noisemaking ones and gets them all playing at once. Did I mention headache? Hey, wheres my coffee?? I stagger out to living room to wait..... She comes into the kitchen and plays with the letter thingy on the fridge.
Peeve number three for the day. Did I loose count? One: repeatedly signing "signing time together" Two: awake and in a cheerful mood. Three: playing with toy on fridge. Now its not that she plays with it that bothers me. Its the WAAAYYYY she plays with it. It goes through all the ABC's right? Wrong. G only lets it get to A,B,C half the time before starting it over again.... the other half she gets to the letter P before hitting restart. Over and over and over....... pulling your hair out yet? (Its not even 9am.) Pet peeve number 4 is similar: kitty piano. I LOVE this toy. really I do. But the WAAAAYYY G plays with it, we all laughed after she went to bed.I spoke of banging head on the wall..... And really it isnt funny anymore. I need a vacation from the piano!!! Lets say one key plays 20 songs without words. She has 3 random songs that she likes. She knows how many times to hit the button to get to the ones she likes. So you hear the first three seconds of 17 songs over and over and over to hear only 3 in their entirety. The other button has maybe 10 with the words and she has two favorites.... yes same story.ALL DAY LONG.... I think its cool that she has preferences. There are things she likes and doesnt like..... and there are times she wants "up" and other times you reach out for her and she turns away and holds her arms behind her back. Nope. No thanks.

P thinks its great that she wants to watch signing time EVERY stinkin minute of the day...... He said he thinks she is just so excited to be let out of that isolated world that she used to live in. Signing time has given her words. And together means that someone cares. I am not alone. I dont want to be alone, I dont want to be lonely. I want to be able to tell you more things, I want to show you how smart I really am. I dont want you to give up on me. I want to matter. I want you to see that your loving me is making a difference and I want to have words to communicate with you instead of ONE HANDPLAY GAME.......

So hats off to the hubby... and the son with the incredible cup of coffee.
He understood when I told him,
Its hard being the mommy of a four year old.
He corrected me and said, no how about a 2 year old.
I got my bathroom clean,
three loads of laundry,
worked on the baby sweater- almost done!,
played with G,
watched signing time- again.
posted on my blog,
cooked supper,
cleaned the kitchen.....

maybe it wasnt such a bad day after all......

I remain,
Under His wings

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