Thursday, October 14, 2010

a little prayer or two......

Ive been working on something hard this week. Well i suppose two hard things. One is rather personal. It shouldnt be hard. But it is.

The second is Miss G and the contact issue.
Yesterday one or the other had fallen out three times before lunch. I took them both out before nap time and just put the glasses on afternaptime until bedtime. Being the mommy person is already hard work. Ive barely been getting food cooked, housework up to par, little knitting or reading time..... much less all the extras. For some reason there are things out of place in the laundry room causing much confusion and making it very cramped in there. But I just cant seem to "get it done". Anyhoo.... back to the contacts. She has lost one this morning, thankfully it was on her kitty piano, yes that is where the first lost contact was. Put it in the solution, washed hands and plopped it back in..... so far so good. I am so so thankful that she is going incredible with it. I just tell her in spanish to have quiet hands and she sits there sweetly waiiting on me to tell her all done. We clap and cheer together. So far no completely lost contacts......

just another day in the neighborhood.......

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. I find I often just need to breathe in, breathe out,repeat,pray and repeat again and move to the next moment.Only way I manage.

    Wising you peace as you do your mommy thing.


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