Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tell me more.... show me a sign

(Grace signing bird holding her knit bird)

How are you doing little one?
My little one,
my little one
I'd like to know what's on your mind
Our days together,
time together
You and me,
our one on one
These are the times that make me smile
You make me smile

Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you're thinking of me
Tell me all about the things you're thinking
Day and night, both day and night
Tell me that you're happy
And you love it when we're laughing
Tell me more,
tell me more,
show me a sign
Show me a sign

I dont know if youve heard these words in your house lately but this song just takes my breath away.
This song is heard at LEAST once a day in my house the past two months if not more.... I mentioned that G is now asking to watch "signing time". I know that I keep blogging about her new words. But to a gal that has the "gift of gab". This is HUGE!
There arent many days that go by that I dont thank God in heaven for Rachel Coleman and the gift she has given Ms G. There are those with Down Syndrome that never develop speech.
This part isnt so scary anymore.....
G has words...
shes just like Mommy...
the little chatterbox! wink wink.
Today she squealed with delight and signed "boy" when she saw E for the first time of the day......
and can I share something just so precious???
Grace prays with me each night.
I know the Tias prayed with her in the orphanage because you put her in the bed and BAM! Those chubby hands are clasped and head is bowed ready to pray. She mumbles like my others did when they were little.... but when I say thank you Jesus in Spanish she will sign something and I say the word for her. She thanks Jesus for so many things that I in my spoiled-self-centered-way forget to be thankful for.
Of course she goes through the list of family members
and Apples,
and THREE dogs,
and her bed,
for books,
baby dolls,
and water....
even signing time.......
thats my girl!!!!

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