Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shocking but true.......

Id like to process something that happened the other day.
Before adopting little G this wouldnt have even phased me.
Wouldnt have thought twice....
but after....
Something about the "after" causes things to look different.
I am seeing things differently.

I had errands to run.
Basically had a few people to visit.
I havent been out much with little G because she just doesnt handle crowds or stimulation well.
To the naked eye it might seem fine.
But those of us that really know G can see it happen.
It makes me sad.
I am hoping
as time passes
she will mature
and gain coping skills.....
Im off on a rabbit trail.

Back to the other day.....
We had been out visiting and G was doing her best to stay awake in the back seat.
Im only about 2 blocks from home and had to stop.
There was a school bus in front of me.
Didnt think twice about it.
Was chattering away with G and wondered what was taking so long.

No one was getting off....
Then I saw it.
The little blue sticker on the back.
This wasnt just any school bus.

This was the "short bus".

The father climbed out
carring his little one.
My breath was caught in my throat.

would be the bus my little G would ride.
If/When the time comes for G to head off to school
She would ride this bus.....
My child will ride the short bus.
Why does that shock me?
I knew....
We chose her.....
this is what we wanted.....
This shouldnt come as a surprise.
but I forget.

She is my little G.

There arent any labels.

She is my daughter.


  1. my dear friend, could it be because now you see both sides -- you have a new perspective! will everyone else see (perceive) that little G is not defined by the bus she rides -- will they see her as a mother's daughter -- will they see that she is a child of God -- will they see... and then love?

  2. Yes, "after" alters perspective...lovely post Anna...so glad sweet G is your daughter! We have dear friends with a son w/Down's who just turned 21 yesterday...we went to celebrate with him on Sunday along with about 50+ other friends...he's a godly, friendly, hospitable, diligent young man who we have enjoyed from the time he was a baby. My grandniece also has Downs, and what a precious little girl designed by God for His glory she is. Yesterday I was in a conversation where more than one friend had been counseled to abort because of prenatal testing affirming Downs (which they did not do, and in each of their cases it proved untrue)...it makes me terribly sad to see the culture have the perspective of these treasures being throwaways...we miss soooooo much when we do not trust God as The Designer. Keep enjoying your Treasure...she will enrich your life beyond expression as you keep your eyes fixed on Christ.

  3. You definately left me with something to think about. We may also have "short bus" kids; but maybe not. I'll know a bit more in a few days when we meet then. Not sure how it will work out, what we'll do.

    I did leave you an answer via a comment on my blog- oops- didn't mean to write a book- ref. your comment about eye contact. Please feel free to email if you want more on this. This topic is close to my heart since it relates to my sweet Robyn. gjmlogue@yahoo.com


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