Monday, October 18, 2010

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Hey, Im not sure this is allowed in 31 for 21. But Im good at making up my own rules when things arent like I want them..... ask my husband! ha ha!

I just want to post and I dont know where to start except by talking about the WOmens Conference that I was blessed with a ticket to. P went to get his hair cut and our friend Mel ended up offering a ticket she had extra for me to go. He said he'd keep G so it was a plan. If you get a chance to go to "Fresh Gounded faith" let me tell you its a great way to get refreshed in small doses. Ive been to several Womens conferences and some are so deep that You stagger away almost numb for weeks afterward. This was light and refreshing. I loved the speakers and tools for real life....... The main thing I left with was what Jennifer Rothschild had to say about cleaning out your thought closet. This was not a new idea but something that I really have to strive at doing. She said "Dont let the enemy of your soul know you better than you know yourself."
Matthew 26:41
2 Corinthians 10:5 Hold every thought captive! While we were waiting on our adoption paperwork to be processed in Ecuador this is one of the few verses that I clung to. Her main point was if those thoughts dont line up with Gods word, Gods thoughts about you, then throw them out. And also ladies..... NOT ALL FEELINGS ARE FACT! how many times have I taken a look cast my way, a thought that was said or unsaid and let the runaway brain train get away from me. If Id let all of Satans words that ran through my head sit and stew there is NO WAY Id have made it through the two year journey to bring Miss G home......What did I do... I sat in my conmfy chair with my bible always close at hand, a few Bible promises verse books, Great praise music- so that I could praise Him even when my heart wasnt in it. Before long my heart would join in.

I dont know what is going on in your life right now,
or whats right around the bend.
But I thought these great words might be of encouragement to someone.

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