Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy busy......

I dont know about you,
But time is just flying by.....
a blur of days and I find myself looking at the calendar.
Seeing that another month has come and gone.....
Little G has been home since the 1st of August so we are now ready to celebrate......three months home. Three months today...

My plate is so full.
Many days I dont feel like I get much done.
But its hard work being a 4.5 year old!
Theres alot to do!
There is so much to learn.....

I have book reviews that have been piling up.
Ive been reading the books but putting off posting the review.
Then today I had it on my list and saw that this post was still a draft.
Not yet published.
So let me add a few more reviews to the list and hit publish.
Its such a an honor to review books for Bethany publishers.
I love to read wholesome books.

here are the books I had already reviewed:

1. "In every heartbeat" this story was about college aged teens that had been raised in an Orphanage set back near the time period of WW1. The group of young adults went through the adjustments of finding themselves and making friends away from the place they had called home. I enjyed the story especially reading about how each one of the young adults handled

2."Loves first bloom " by Deliah Parr. This was the second of this author's stories that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing. The setting for this book takes place in the early 1800's and starts right off with intrigue and suspense so that the reader is drawn in from the beginning. I enjoyed the part of the story that involved a young woman trying to raise a toddler as if it were her own because we have recently adopted a little one and I connected with some of the emotions and situations the main character found herself in. I will say that I did have a hard time believing that the farce went on so long between the two main characters. All in all this was a good light read that was a great excape from reality.I would give this story 4 out of 5 stars.

this is where my post ended a month ago..... let me just add these two books while Im at it!!!

4."Within my heart" by Tamera Alexander. I just want to start this review by saying. "Wow!" I have read so many books this year thanks to Bethany House publishers. I am just so glad that Tamera has gone outside the box for this one. I am not one to give away much of the plot in my reviews so you will have to purchase it to see for yourself. I enjoyed that both main characters in the story have deep hurts that they work through. As the story progresses you see how they both have to lean on the Lord for strenth and how they mature in their faith. We are all dealing with the past to get on with our futures arent we? I wont hesitate to give this story five out of five stars.

5. "Hatteras girl" By Alice Wisler.I have been an avid reader all my life. I was so thrilled that this book did not leave me disappointed and cant wait to send it to my mother. The southern easy going lifestyle throughout the story made me long for my daughters naptime. I enjoyed following along as the main character followed her dreams and learned what true love is.I also enjoyed the dpeth and warmth of the characters as the book made me think of my best girlfriend often and how our lives as women are constantly changing, how we are friends, mothers , daughters, sisters and wives....... I simply cant say enough about this great book! Its a must read.
It gets a 5 out of 5 star review as well......

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