Sunday, October 24, 2010

A toddler in the house

So just an update to Friday's post. I spent naptime Friday and Saturday cutting out fabric, sewing..... much to my disappointment she had to wear her Gators cheerleading costume. Glad I had it as an option. G only slept a few hours on Friday and yesterday.... so.... no costume. All thats left is sewing the bodice to the skirt, hemming and zipper. Not sure if I will sew it to completion or wait until next year. Reason being, G just doesnt do well with large crowds. It might not appear to be a problem unless you are watching closely. Oldest daughter had a party last night and G was overstimulated and.... Im just not sure if we will get dressed up and go out again any time soon..... Might be a little premature no matter how well intended. :(

Those of you will little ones that have the same issues?
I just have to remind myself that she has only been home 2 almost 3 months....

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. It seems perfectly normal to scale back- and even skip, many things the first year or so and even beyond if needed. By necessity we dropped as much as possible (mostly we did things for their big sister) because it was hard to do anything 2x those first years home. The simpliest things meant the most those first years home :)


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