Wednesday, October 6, 2010

new words anyone????

I know...... Ive been holding out on you.
It wasnt Intentional.....
Lil G has some new words!!!
The exciting part is that the words are actually spoken to go with the signs she knows. I think a few posts ago I mentioned she knew pretty much all the signs on the first three signing time videos. it hasnt slowed her down.... she is now moving on to actual words. Please understand the only words that are very very clear are Mama, Dada, nite nite, two new ones "cup" and "up", and Apple.......oh yes lets not forget NO! wink wink...
If you know the signs and hear the bits and pieces it will just blow your mind as it does mine each day...... we have come so far! I think thats why the triycle incident yesterday upset me so badly. The days of helping her navigate like a blind/ mute child are over and its almost like I have PTSD. The time we spent in Ecuador, its so hard to find it in my memory. She is now running and jumping!I just forget....

I posted a picture yesterday of her playing with her leap frog letter sounds toy that goes on the fridge. Yesterday we worked on the letter "B" again. Its funny she is now saying the sound for "B" but isnt adding it into the words that begin with the sound......I still want to have pictures of her with her B words printed and laminated, put on a ring for her to carry around. "Grace with her BALL" "Grace with her Book" etc.

The only new sign we have is "signing time".....
let me tell you this is the most popular sign right now, she begs to watch her videos all day until I put them on for her. (thats what she is doing right now)

-stop sounds like "top-i" (stop it??)
-cold "cooooah"
-car "caaaah"
-happy "aaahpeh"
-told Ashley yeah in reply to a question..... that only happened once, lets see if its real or not.....
-yesterday she said bath for the first time. Its weird, instead of the B sound we are learning(with your lips together) she sticks her tongue WAAAAAY out and its like she is saying bleck (yucky)but she is doing it while signing bath..... fuuuuuuunnnnnyyy!!!!!!

Have a blessed day.....

Under His wings,


  1. Thrilled here to hear of the progress, but even more so the love being poured out on a precious image bearer of God.

  2. Love catching up on G!!! So adorable, and so excited for the progress she has already made :)

  3. G is so bless for having a wonderful family. She is doing a lot of progress.


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