Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family & fun

Today is Sunday and Ive mentioned that weve been having our young adults over for supper. With everyone working and doing their own thing I just needed to set a time and ask everyone to put it on their calendar. Sunday evenings with Mom and Dad. Tonight Im cooking new potatoes, Green beans and Honey Mustard pork roast with bacon . This is the second time Ive cooked this and let me tell you its super easy, very flavorful...... just an incredible meal.

Grace loves football. I am sure before long she will have her favorite teams picked. Its funny, the TV goes onto football and she comes out of the woodwork squealing and yelling.(cheering for whoever is playing at that given moment.)

Tomorrow afternoon we have a long awaited Opthamologist appointment.
They special ordered contacts for Lil G.They will be worn for 30 days at a time. Everyone asks how we will get them in her eyes but I tell you she really trusts us and is so so easy. We will be fine. I will be so so sad to not see her wearing those cute pink glasses. But the Dr said she would give this a try if it was her child. It will open Gs range of vision from right in the middle of the lens. I want this for her.

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