Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lil G I went to have coffee with a friend
and her daughter showed up....
extra blessings for me.
This was a great adventure.(I know I used to take things SOOOO for granted. Going for coffee a treat!? giggle) Ive been staying home and "cocooning" with lil G so much that these outings are such a treat. I have to remind myself tho that G was raised in an orphanage and she gets over stimulated very very easily. She hasnt been out alot since weve been home so these adventures are starting from day one since she was adopted. We took her to school, shopping you know, the odd stuff while we were in Ecuador.But let me tell you...... she gets wound up tighter than an 8 day clock. The noise the people... its alot for a little person. I just found it so enjoyable to sit back and enjoy my coffee (heavenly coffee BTW) while G engaged with these two trusted people. I had to be the interpreter but you know Im really okay with that.(makes me feel needed, important.) She played the little hand game that we grew to dread in Ecuador. The first few days that was all she could do/ or say to us two claps(are you watching me and copying me?) two pats on the tummy(now its your turn, do I need to show you how to play?) a little wiggle of the hips, hands behind your back.... as the days progressed she might add a few things in here and there all the while waiting for you to repeat each movement like Simon says. But as we taught her signs she started playing her little game less and less and instead started going through the signs one at a time.
Makes me think.....
How much we all want someone to engage with us,
make eye contact with me,
tell me what I have to say matters to you,
really pay attention to me......
its kinda sweet...
Her new sign
to repeat over
and over...
come play with me,
come sit with me,
come watch signing time with me,
eat with me...

(see, having down syndrome doesnt make her any different than the rest of us. She has things to say, she wants to matter.....were more alike than different)
I remain,
Under His wings,

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