Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sensory Processing Disorders? Playdough and Gak anyone???

I just found this site while looking for play-dough and Gak recipes.
I cant wait to sort through the information to see what is here.
I hope something about Sensory Processing Disorders and PT/OT will help someone out in Blogland.

Grace and I have been playing with Playdough.... to develop fine motor skills. I found this Octopus playset.
The reason I chose it was for the game. You can make a fish or whatever(I had G just rolling little balls) then the child hits one arm to launch it into the hole in the middle. Of course she squealed with delight when it went flying across the room. Yes, I knew that would be a thrill. But it encouraged her to make more balls and keep playing. She gets tired of co-operating..... ha ha! Typical toddler behavior. I wouldnt have it any other way. It also came with stampers and cool cutting tools. I looked at all the sets and thought this would be the best bang for the buck.

Oh, I havent updated you about the contacts lately. I think we are off and running. G lets me put them in with no complaint. I just set her in front of the TV with signing time on and youd never know I was sticking my fingers in her eyes. We are working on getting Occupational Therapy to see what they think about her vision with the contacts. RIght now the provider that works with our Dr isnt covered by our insurance. Not sure where we will go from there.

thanks for checking in....

Only a few more days of 31 for 21 left....

I remain,
Under His wings

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